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Directional Control Valve

Product features
  • A directional control valve with 1 to 10 working sections.
  • - Sections with secondary valves and float mode (4th position) available.

  • Directional control valve for fixed displacement pumps or variable displacement pumps.
  • Available with manual, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic proportional remote control.
  • Q-inlet
  • Open center valve for fi xed displacement pumps
  • - can also be confi gured for variable displacement pumps

  • Fully adapted for marine applications

  • Areas of application:
    - Cranes
    - Excavators
    - Sky-lifts
    - Garbage trucks
    - Demountable bodies
    - Wheel loading
    - Drilling machinery
    - Construction
    - Telescopic load handlers
    - Skid-loaders
    Key valve features

    DX-6 is a sectional valve designed for max. operating pressures up to 350 bar and max. pump flows up to 180 l/min with “Q-inlet”. For standard inlets without flow regulator the recommended max. pump flows is 140 l/min. The valve is available with 1 to 10 working sections per valve assembly.

    DX-6 includes as standard a variety of sections, spools, spool controls and additional parts in a modular design.
    The valve is, as standard, setup for both manual and remote control. The manual controlled sections can either be with open spool ends or encapsulated. The encapsulation decreases in a significant way the risk for external leakage and makes the valve well adapted for applications in demanding environment. The spool controls for remote control are generally designed as complete modules for assembling on one of the valve sides.

    DX-6 is in first place designed as an open center valve for fixed displacement pumps but can also be configured for variable displacement pumps. It is available with manual, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic proportional remote control.

    DX-6 can be fully adapted for marine applications. The valve offers excellent operating characteristics, and good controllability on a wide range of machinery due to the specially designed spools. Low and uniform spool forces are the result of careful balancing of the flow forces.

    The Q-inlet is designed with a flow control (Q-function) that by-passes the major part of the pump flow to tank when the system is idling, still giving access to full pump flow when the working sections are operated. Besides greatly reducing heat generation this also provides improved operating characteristics.

    The tractor of its generation.

    Like the trusty old tractor on the farm that keeps on going and delivering year after year, our DX-6 valve with its endless varations of configurations prove to stand the test of both time, wheather and working conditions for decades. When you are ready to invest in a strong and reliable worker for your hydraulic needs we are here to assist you.

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