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Load-Sensing Sectional Control Block.

Product features
  • Load pressure independent flow control with
  • - Open Center (OC) system for fixed displacement pump

    - Closed Center (CC) system for variable displacement pump

  • Flow-optimized valve design
  • High mechanical and electrical resolution
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Modular design up to 8 working sections
  • Types of operation (with/without hand lever):
  • - Hydraulic

    - Electrohydraulic (on/off, proportional)

  • Application-specific main spools with adjustable stroke limiter
  • Shock/anti-cavitation valves for protection of actuators
  • Adjustable load sense pressure limitation (mechanically or electro proportionally)
  • causes the compensator to block flow to the working ports A or B independently.

  • Direct-mounted option blocks for remote control of LS and pilot oil supply.
  • End plates with additional pilot oil supply options.

  • Areas of application:
    - Cranes
    - Forestry
    - Lifting platforms
    - Municipal vehicles
    - Drilling machinery
    - Truck applications
    - Construction
    - Stationary applications
    - Agriculture

    General information and functional description

    The LX-6 is a proportional directional control valve according to the load-sensing principle pre compensated.
    The nominal flow rate to the working ports A and B is 160 l/min. The main spool 2.1 determines the flow direction and magnitude of flow rate.
    Pressure control valves 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 are providing shifting pressure to the left and right side of the main spool 2.1 to control its position. The level of electric current determines the level of pilot pressure and therefore the position of the main spool.
    Adjustable stroke limiters 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 can be set mechanically to limit the maximum flow rate to the working ports A and B.

    The pressure compensator 2.7 keeps the flow rate to the actuator constant, even if the system pressure varies. Pressure changes at the pump or working ports A and B are compensated for each working section individually. The maximum operating pressure can be adjusted by LS pressure limitation for working ports A and B separately. Shock / anti-cavitation valves 2.3.2 protect the working ports A and B from pressure peaks. Anti-cavitation valves 2.3.1 protect the system from cavitation. Shuttle valves are integrated into the working sections to signal the highest load pressure for the valve stack to the inlet plate or variable displacement pump.

    The pursuit of perfection begins here.

    As we are currently the only company able to provide the type of valve LX-6 has evolved into, we are very proud to offer you our full attention in regards to your needs, wants and demands. If you require any help or assistance in chosing the right valve for your application needs we are here to assist you.

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