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Open-Center Sectional Directional Control Valve
RS 160

Product features
  • Several connection options for pump and tank.
  • Applicable for constant and load-sensing pumps.
  • Symmetrical sections (Inlet plate can be placed left or right).
  • Modular design up to 10 working sections.
  • Operation type is electrohydraulic proportional (with/without hand lever).
  • Shock / anti-cavitation valves for protection of actuators.
  • Endplate with port for pilot oil supply (optional internal pilot oil supply).
  • Two or more valve blocks can be connected in different arrangements.

  • Areas of application:
    - Outriggers of mobile machines
    - Municipal machines
    - Cranes
    - Truck applications
    - Wheel loading
    - Construction machines
    - Stationary applications
    - Agriculture machines
    General information and functional description

    The RS160 is a proportional control valve according to the open-center principle with electro-hydraulic operation. The maximum flow rate to the working ports A and B is 60 l/min. The spool 2.1 determines the flow rate and the flow direction. The pressure control valves 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 are providing shifting pressure to the face sides of the main spool 2.1.

    The level of electric current determines the level of pilot pressure and therefore the position of the spool. Shock / anti-cavitation valves 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 protect the working ports A and B from pressure peaks and/or cavitation. The check valve 2.2 in the parallel channel P" prevents the load from descending if the spool is moved and the pump does not provide the system with enough pressure (on A and B side)

    The Q-inlet is designed with a flow control (Q-function) that by-passes the major part of the pump flow to tank when the system is idling, still giving access to full pump flow when the working sections are operated. Besides greatly reducing heat generation this also provides improved operating characteristics.


    RS 160 is designed as a flexible valve for a wide range of applications, but typical applications are cranes, wheel loaders and agriculture applications within the flow range for the valve.
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